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KMS Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Since the foundation on December 20th of 1999, the central library of KMS PHARM has inaugurated the DDS development research team in February of 2001, and thereafter it has developed consistently. Another inauguration of a research team happened in 2003
for the purpose of natural-product drug development.

Currently the central research institute of KMS Pharm consists of a natural-product new-
drug research team, DDS-developing research team and generic-drug developing research team, and soon it will add a
biological drug research team to them. By doing this, more active research activities and efforts are encouraged and
therefore more research results will follow. The history of the central research institute of KMS Pharm is not very long,
but its outstanding human resource developing system will gather the core power, maximize the value added to the
activities, and therefore increase the efficiency of R & D.

Now, the central research institute of the KMS Pharm, as the center of the 21st century’ research and development, will make KMS PHARM into one of the leading businesses in the world by providing future-oriented minds, excellent human resources and competitive technology and products.
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